A Beautiful Accompany

The gallery “Bonum Factum” opens an exhibition of Korean contemporary art “A Beautiful Accompany”. The exhibition will exhibit works: Seon-Ghi BAHK, Soon-Young YANG,Yeon-Yeon JUNG, Won-Tae LEE, which is represented by the gallery AB.

The exhibition will open on January 25, 2019 at 18.30

AB Gallery operated by the Association 'Nez-a-Nez' of French-Korean Cultural Exchanges was founded spontaneously in Abgujeong Seoul Korea and in Bastille Paris France in May 2001 with its first exhibition of 'Andy Warhol' becomes one of the most active Korean galleries who are introducing the top guality and emerging Korean/European artists to the domestic/global market through a handful of solo/group exhibitions and the international Art fairs such as Art Paris, Art Karlsruhe, Contemporary Art as well.

AB Gallery started to extend its operation by opening a new Gallery in Baden Baden Germany in June 2011 and moved its Korean location to the ‘Seorae French village in 2015 and opened 2nd domestic branch in Chungdam-dong in 2018, which are both the prestigious and core areas of downtown Seoul Korea, and expanding its activity of exchanging contemporary arts between Europe and Korea through a strong cooperation with Le Monde Diplomatique Magazine and French School in Korea as well as French Embassy in Korea.

Especially AB gallery is focusing on introducing the foreign artists and organized the several solo/group exhibitions of the foreign artists from France, Turkey, Syria, Lithuania and China in 2017 and 2018 and will continue this activity in the upcoming years.

Seon-Ghi BAHK

Endless Enumeration in the Space: Fiction of Fabricated Image and Nature's End

Arts has become more difficult year by year. The more years have passed doing my arts, the more arts gets difficult. The reason is that the nature of arts is a way directed to essence.

My recent work has highlighted the stories about the relationship between culture and nature. Culture is the civilized world where human beings seek convenience, whereas nature is the state naturalized by a dispensation of the universe that is far from man's strength. It is the relationship between man and nature that naturally derives from the relation of culture and nature.

The relationship between man and nature have been expressed aggressively in my work. To represent culture, architecture culture in which man dwells and acts, is chosen, and to represent nature, charcoal, the last appearance of trees that stand with us in the world, is chosen. Why? It is a self-evident truth that I can think of a great number of meaning and forms because of architecture structures being depended upon usefulness and charcoal being one of last appearances of nature.

I think it is wrong if man in western materialized culture draws every center of the world including the whole dispensation of the universe to mankind. I think that man is no more a different object than a tree that exists in nature, so that it is inevitable that man should co-exist with nature without tilting his balance into either ways in the relationship of man and nature. How do you see nature, concealed behind a history of splendid civilization which has been built by contemporary mankind? On this premise, the form of this work has rooted. Strongly presented structures are the strings of nylon that are very subtle, light and nearly transparent. In the space, the nylon enumerates logically lumps of charcoal being energy in nature that symbolize vanishment into air. This structure expresses the fiction of fabricated image as a concept against usefulness man uses. To me, charcoal reveals a field of nature, concealing, deeply down from charcoal's surface, the fact that charcoal is residuum after a tree burned in natural or geological combustion . Eventually, charcoal is material in my existence conditions, and out of this material does the derived effects complied with the presented forms start. In the end, charcoal becomes brick that makes a building.

As time passes, that is manifested in my work has been transformed, in the sense of sight, into simple and light material. Hanging is a poetic expression! that penetrates inherent environment and architecture, and irresistible lightness of a piece.

Soon-Young YANG

‘Look at window’ means opening the world with light and window of color from the Chaos. Each square filled with screens represents the most stable state of energy and also a digitized modern society. So it's both individual mind-set and part of the world we live in. ‘Look at window’ represents the process of the mind that looks for its essence, watching the world's colors.

Won-Tae LEE

My work is the task of stacking me on time.

My works have my experiences on each touch.

I put a layer of time, a layer of thought, a layer of daily life in my works, and put traces of time.

People have different experiences even when they live the same time.

Speaking, listening, seeing, touching, rubbing ...

In the flow of time, we build up our own folds, protecting and maintaining something inside us.

Looking away from it, the small pieces in the work

It is a form of life that is completed.

Like ours living in the present time. . .

Yeon-Yeon JUNG

"Noblesse oblige’

I have more money and have a high degree of education than you. Therefore I am noble and beautiful. So I am special.’ "Even if I drive a costly foreign car freely through the city and hits a person, the person who hits a car is bad. It is wrong to die. He slaps his cheeks with designer clothes and bags all over his body. Swear is a tip. Some people are leaning on the floor of a lavish dinner. It's like being hungry. This is natural. Because I am rich.’

If you read articles about "Being bossy" and "Silver spoon" which are popular in today's society, you can see how low or violent the moral consciousness of high-ranking officials in society is. It is ironic how the human-sustaining aspects of social power can be inherited in a democratic society of freedom and equality that we live in before modern times. The so-called economic and physical tyranny of the people was so natural that they gave up and accepted it, saying, "It's my fault to grow up without it." This phenomenon has been accelerated beyond the development of civilization, and even if it is not high-ranking, it tries to create an upper and lower class if it has a little more money, a better position, or a higher education than others. Even before and after modern times, there were conflicts between classes. I think this will not disappear as long as humans exist. The absolute equality that some religious traditions and ideological thinkers claim is just an ideal that cannot be realized in reality. However, we must think about ways to improve. The improvement is so easy. It's too common. We've heard a lot, learned a lot. The remedy and the ambition are meaningless. Unfortunately, I am already skeptical of this society. When I was young, there was a time when I dreamed while watching the world. There is a French word called ‘Noblesse oblige’. In the early Roman period, the king and the nobility's moral sense and leading practice stemmed from the public spirit, which means that nobles should fulfill their ethical obligations since they were born with various benefits from their natural status. In feudal society, public service, donations, and donations from high-ranking social figures were considered honorable, and were considered the most valuable and compulsory. Even in modern times, this sense of morality has been considered the best way to resolve class conflicts. In order to unify the people and maximize their capabilities in the face of a total national crisis such as war, the establishment of the privileged class was needed.’ How fictional it is. It looks like a beautiful scenario that only appears in fairy tales or movies. It was a world that I trusted and dreamed of. I thought the world was beautiful. But to me, the world is now seen as a dark red glow full of gold.